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MYHA Volunteer DIBS Program

2023-24 MYHA Volunteer Program

Mahtomedi Youth Hockey Association is a nonprofit organization operated by volunteers and depends on the assistance of its members to function as a successful organization. It is critical that we all share in the commitment to produce a program that operates efficiently at the lowest cost possible. The goal of the volunteer program is to distribute the workload amount all the MYHA families.

Volunteer hours are NOT transferable from family to family. Running the clock, scorebook, scoreboard, penalty box during a non-tournament game, scrimmage, end of the year play offs or in-house jamborees do NOT satisfy the volunteer requirements. These are team related activities.  Each family is obligated to share in the performance of these duties.

Volunteer Sign Up – sign up for most volunteer hours are available online through the DIBS system.  You will be notified via club wide email or it will be posted on the DIBS Webpage when opportunities are available throughout the season.

Tryouts – You CANNOT volunteer for any tryout shift for a level that your player is skating participating in.  For example, squirt parents cannot volunteer for squirt tryouts on or off the ice (check in, jersey hand out, locker room attendant etc.…)

Accountability – Once you have signed up for a shift you are responsible for that time slot.  Please do not sign up for a shift until you are sure the date and time will work for you.

Required Hours – Families are required to volunteer for 8 hours for each Squirt, 10U, PeeWee, 12U, Bantam, and 15U player.  Intros, 5U, 6U,Mini Mite, Mite 1, Mite 2/3 and 8U, and Jr Gold players are exempt from the volunteer requirement.

If you would prefer to not have your family called upon for any volunteer hours a buyout option is available.  The buyout option requires a payment of $800 per player.

Volunteer opportunities must be completed by April 1st. To participate in the program, you will be charged a $1 fee at registration. Then a future payment of $799 will be set up, which will only be processed on 4/15/23 if the volunteer hours requirement is not met.

ALL DIBS Opportunities:

Click here to be redirected to the DIBS page for full list of all DIBS.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a list of the immediate unclaimed opportunities. 

Register as a Volunteer

The Registration "MYHA Volunteer DIBS Program" is not currently available.

Volunteer Program Contact:

Amanda Boberg

MYHA Volunteer Program Coordinator

How Does It Work?

It's easy!  

#1. Log into your Ngin account using the same account you will use to register your hockey players.

#2. Click on the "Dibs" tab at the top right of the page.  

#3. Under "Available Sessions" click on the "2023-24 Season"

#4. Review list of available Dibs items.  Search criteria are at the top of the page to modify search based on category and/or date.

#5. Once you have selected an item you will have to select a child you are fulfilling your credits for, and you will have to indicate which family member is actually doing the volunteer work.

#6. You will receive an email confirmation thanking you for selecting a Dibs item.

#7.  Once the work has been completed, or the position fulfilled, your credits will show as completed. 

Locker Room Attendant Information:

Please click on "Register" to register as a Locker Room Attendant with MYHA. 

USA Hockey and MN Hockey require all Locker Room Attendants to:


1) Register with USA Hockey as a volunteer. Click on the following link to register:


2) Complete a Background Check before the volunteering takes place. USA Hockey uses a national background check service that charges $30.00 for a volunteer background check. The price could be more if you have lived outside of the USA in the last 10 years. Please click on the link below apply:

USA Hockey Screening



Background checks are good for two years. If you are a returning volunteer, and you believe that you did a background check last year, you can check by logging into the USA Hockey Screening system above. If you do not need a screening this system, you will receive a message that says, "Per USA Hockey, a screening is not required at this time."


3) Complete SafeSport Training BEFORE you enter the Locker Room. USA and Minnesota Hockey Require every Locker Room Attendant to complete SafeSport Training or a SafeSport Refresher every year. Please go the following link:



Please remember, males only in the boys locker rooms and females only in the girls locker rooms.  Locker Rooms need to be unlocked and monitors waiting in the room 30 minutes prior for the skaters to arrive. Monitors are there until the last skater leaves the locker room. Because of that need, back to back sign ups for DIBs for Tryouts in one night are not allowed because of the cross over in time. Also please remember that there is absolutely no cell phone use allowed in the Locker Rooms. 


When looking for the DIB that works best for you, please remember to set the "date range" at the top of the DIBs page to cover the Tryouts.

Volunteer Program Updates:

  • Volunteer credits or specific duties are not age level specific. For example, if you have a bantam, you can volunteer for credits involving any age level.
  • Check Dibs often for new opportunities, they are being added as often as we receive them from board and committee members.  Available Dibs will also show up when people cancel something they have claimed.
  • If you do claim a Dib and must cancel it PLEASE do so at least two days in advance so someone else has the opportunity to claim this Dib. If you cancel on short notice we ask that you do your best to find someone to fill your vacancy.  We can adjust Dibs after the fact to get the proper person credit but we can’t have no one show up. We're seeing a few people who have claimed things and then canceled the day of, or just not shown up for the job.  This is a huge problem with locker room assignments, etc. where we need an adult there at all times.
  • Please don't claim more credits than your family will need, especially early in the season. We will make enough credits available for the entire association, but it will be difficult if families that only need 8 credits claim substantially more than that. The goal of the program is to increase the number of people volunteering---which is difficult if the same people keep claiming things. 
  • As mentioned above, we will make enough credits available for the entire association, but please don't wait until the last week of February to "remember" to claim something. 
  • The Volunteer Program is for volunteer needs that benefit the entire association.  Any volunteering for your child’s individual team (excluding coaches and manager/s) will not fulfill your volunteer obligation.  For example, clock or box duty for games will not count for your player’s team but it will count if it is a Dibs item during a tournament.  Locker Room attendant during the season for a team won’t count but during tryouts it does.
  • Players or siblings are not allowed to volunteer. Volunteers must be parents or guardians.