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MYHA Sponsorship Opportunities 2019-20:

MYHA has many Sponsorship Opportunities throughout the association:

  • General Sponsor, brings down the overall costs for everyone to play hockey
  • Team Sponsors
  • Rink Rat t-shirt Sponsors
  • Academic Excellence Sponsors

Please contact Jamie Redpath Egan or Coleen Berglund if you would like to hear more about Sponsorship Opportunities.

Jamie Egan

Sponsorship Coordinator - Boys Traveling Teams

Colleen Berglund

Sponsorship Coordinator - Girls Traveling Teams

Sponsored by Fra-Dor Landscape

Fra-Dor Landscape

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Junior Gold 16 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by WoodChuck Tree

WoodChuck Tree

Visit Website


Junior Gold 18 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Strauss Skates & Bicycles

Strauss Skates & Bicycles

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 Bantam AA Team Sponsor

David Groves


Bantam AA Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Gene's Disposal

Gene's Disposal

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Bantam B1 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by T.E.S. Construction

T.E.S. Construction

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Bantam B1 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Tillges Electric, LLC

Tillges Electric, LLC

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Bantam B2 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Frattalone Companies

Frattalone Companies

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Bantam C Team Sponsor

Sponsored by API Group, Inc.

API Group, Inc.

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Peewee AA Team Sponsor

Sponsored by People's Bank Midwest

People's Bank Midwest

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Peewee AA Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Nasseff Mechanical Contractors

Nasseff Mechanical Contractors

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Peewee B1 Team Sponsor

Hogan logo 1 element view

Hogan Construction


Peewee B2 Blue Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Built Strong Exteriors

Built Strong Exteriors

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Peewee B2 Gold Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins, PLLC

Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins, PLLC

Visit Website

Peewee C Blue Team Sponsor

Precision electric logo element view

Precision Electric


Peewee C Gold Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Goldwood Kennels

Goldwood Kennels

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Squirt A Team Sponsor


Sponsored by Orchard Dental Group

Orchard Dental Group

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Squirt A Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Sletten & Brettin Orthodontics

Sletten & Brettin Orthodontics

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Squirt B1 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Carlson Caspers

Carlson Caspers

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Squirt B2 Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Escape Fire

Escape Fire

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Squirt C Blue Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Black Diamond Tinting

Black Diamond Tinting

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Squirt C Gold Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Jessie Tommé Salon & Spa

Jessie Tommé Salon & Spa

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15U A Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Fairway Collision

Fairway Collision

Visit Website


12U A Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Commercial Heating and Plumbing

Commercial Heating and Plumbing

Visit Website


12U B Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Hays Company

Hays Company

Visit Website


10U A Team Sponsor

Sponsored by Pates Bonding

Pates Bonding

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10U B Team Sponsor


U16 Jr Gold Fra-Dor Landscape
Junior Gold WoodChuck Tree
Bantam AA Strauss Skates
David Groves
Bantam B1 Gene's Disposal
TES Construction
Bantam B2 Tillges Electric
Bantam C Frattalone Companies
Peewee AA API
Peoples Bank Midwest
Peewee B1 Nasseff Mechanical Contractors
Peewee B2 Blue Hogan Construction
Peewee B2 Gold Built Strong Exteriors
Peewee C Blue Rogosheske, Rogosheske, & Atkins
Peewee C Gold Precision Electric
Squirt A Goldwood Kennels
Orchard Dental
Squirt B1 Sletten & Brettin Orthodontic
Squirt B2 Carlson Caspers
Squirt C Blue Escape Fire
Squirt C Gold Black Diamond Tinting
15U Girls Jessie Tommé Salon & Spa
12U A Girls Fairway Collision
12U B Girls Commercial Heating and Plumbing
10U A Girls Hayes Company
10U B Girls Pates Bonding


Rob Bruner CFP
DP Masonry
Stir Stix Coffee Roasters
Sorenson Dental
TES Construction
Seahorse Consulting
Hauer Construction
Fluidesign Studio
Frattalone Co
Woodchuck Tree Service
Anne Anderson Real Estate
Lehmicke Construction
Affinity Plus
WDGY Radio
Fast Action Custom Rods
Atomic Sheet Metal
Tillges Electric
Core Commercial Flooring
Blue Ox Minneapolis
Escape Fire Protection
Corporate Mark

Interested in Sponsoring Rink Rat T-shirts this season?

We are looking for sponsors for the Rink Rat shirts that are given out free to players who earn their rink rat hours by the end of February.  If you would like your company on the back of the shirts please contact Andrea Lampland at

Remember over 200 players between 4 and 15 will be wearing your logo on their shirts all over the town!