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Equipment Requirements

Helmet, Breezer & Gloves Requirement MYHA Travel Teams

In 2009 the board decided that MYHA will implement a change in color and standardize a color for helmets, breezers and gloves for Travel teams.  ALL items must be NAVY BLUE

MYHA will require the use of NAVY helmets, breezers, and gloves (navy being the major color for gloves, accent color could be gold or white).  All Navy will be required starting in the 2011-2012 Season.

Please be aware of this as you make future helmet and equipment purchases for your player.  This will not affect Initiation level (mini-mite, mite, U8/U6).  However, if purchasing new your final year of Mite & U8 you should consider that the following year NAVY will be required.


Hockey Equipment Checklist:

Hockey Equipment needed for on ice Practices & Games

Hockey Equipment:

*Hockey Helmet certified stamp

Chest Protector

Elbow Pads


Pelvic protector

Shin pads

*Hockey Gloves

Hockey Socks

Hockey Jersey

Hockey skates (1 size smaller than shoe size)

Hockey Stick

Mouth Guard

Skate Guards

Hockey Bag

*Navy helmets, gloves and breezers will be required at the Squirt/U10 level and above.  Please consider this when purchasing equipment.  Any color is fine at the Mite/U8 level.