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Coaches' Corner

What Do I Need To Do To Coach?

Coaching Registration and Certification Requirements:
  • Register with USA Hockey - Annually
  • Register online with MYHA - Annually
  • Complete the MN Hockey Background Screening - Every 2 years
  • Have a current Coaching Education Program (CEP) Certification or register for and attend a course by 12/31
  • Complete the Online Age Specific Module for every level that you would like to coach. 
  • Complete SafeSport Training - Annually
  • Complete Concussion Training - Every 2 years
  • Complete and submit the Concussion Training Certification Form - Every 2 years after completing concussion training

Links to complete each registration and certification step are listed below.

*Coaching Reimbursement: MYHA will reimburse each registered and rostered coach $90.00 for expenses after the first of the year. 

If you have any questions about your coaching requirements, please click here to email the MYHA Registrar for assistance. 

MYHA Coaching Contacts:

Tim Boberg

Coaching Director

Alethia Schwagel


Step One - Registration with USA Hockey - Annually

Use this link to Register with USA Hockey and start the process:  

Step Two - Register with MYHA Hockey - Annually

Please click on the word "Register" below to register as a coach with MYHA.

Registration will open in early July 2024

Step Three - Complete the Online MN Hockey Screening Form - Every 2 Years

This must be complete before a coach is allowed to be rostered and step on the ice. Please complete this step early. Background screenings can take up tot 10 business days to process. 

A "clear" screening result is good for two seasons.

Step Four - Check Your USA Hockey CEP Certification Level and Status

New Coaches who do not have a CEP can skip this step and proceed to Step 5 below. 

Returning Coaches: All coaches must have a current CEP status. If your CEP is expired or is expiring this year, you must register for and attend a CEP session by Dec. 31, 2022. The only exception are Mite, 6U, and 8U coaches. Coaches for those levels only need a Level 1 CEP to coach, and it does not matter if that Level 1 is expired. 

General CEP Information: CEP Levels and Skater Age Levels are no longer linked. All coaches must enter USA Hockey's CEP Program at Level 1 and must continue their education with a coaching clinic every year until they reach at least a Level 4. Coaches may only attend one certification clinic per year. Starting in 2021, once a Level 4 is achieved, coaches will need to complete at least 5 hours of continuing education within the next 3 seasons. 

Mite Exception: Mite/U6/U8 coaches only need a Level 1 certification even if it has expired.

USA Hockey Coaching Certification List

Check your coaching certification level and expiration information with USA Hockey! You must be current to coach in the coming season!

Step Five - Register and Attend the Appropriate CEP Certification Session - Must Be Completed by 12/31

These courses fill up fast! Please ensure you know which level you need to attend.

CEP Classes at various locations

Link to CEP Classes in various locations: Links will be updated as classes become available

Step Six - Complete an Age Specific Module for Each Age Level You Plan to Coach


You are required to complete a separate module for each age level that you plan to coach.

2022 and Prior Age Specific Module Requirements: 

  • Mite/Intro/5U/6U/8U = 8 & Under
  • Squirt &10U = 10 & Under
  • 12U & PeeWee = 12 & Under
  • Bantam and 15U = 14 & Over
  • JG = 16/18/19


New System that USA Hockey is supposed to launch in 2023:

  • Mite/Intro/5U/6U/8U = 8 & Under
  • Squirt, 10U, 12U & PeeWee = 12 & Under
  • Bantam, 15U, and JG = 13 & Over


These modules are approximately 5-6 hrs in length and you can pause or exit and resume in the spot you left off at. The modules only have to be done one time each.

MYHA must and will take a hard stance on certification and age specific module completion for coaches.  We cannot accept the risk exposure of not being under the USA Hockey umbrella for insurance purposes. Thanks for your understanding, patience, and time to complete these sessions.

Link to Age Specific Modules

Links to Register are now available!!!

Step Seven - Safe Sport Training - Annually

SafeSport Training must be completed before you step on the ice and is valid for one season. USA Hockey will not approve you on your team's roster until this step is complete. 

There are 3 courses included in the initial SafeSport Training. Please make sure to complete all three. If you already did SafeSport training during a previous season, then you may just need to complete the "Refresher" course this season. After taking the full course, you will have 3 seasons of being able to take just a refresher course before you are required to take the full course again. 

Safe Sport Registration

Safe Sport Training required for all coaches and must be done annually.

Step Eight - Concussion Training - Every 2 Years

MN Law requires that all coaches must complete concussion training every other year before the season begins.

If you have completed any other concussion training course for another sport within this calendar year, that will satisfy the requirement. Also, if you have completed an Online Age Module for any level this year, that will satisfy the concussion training requirement. IF you have done either of these options, you just have to email that completion certificate to Otherwise, here is a link to a free course:

a)       Go to “click course”
b)       Scroll to “Concussion in Sports”
c)       Sign in and register for the course (even though you need to login and register this course is free)
d)       Take the course
e)       After passing the course a pdf certificate will be sent to you
            f)       Save a copy of your certificate and then email a copy of the certificate to:


Step Nine - Coach Concussion Certification Form - Every Other Year With Concussion Training

Please fill out the Coach Concussion Certificate and email to This must be completed and submitted before the season begins. 

Mandatory D2 Coach & Manager Meetings 2023


Here are the dates and times for the mandatory coaches and managers meetings.  At least one representative from each team must be in attendance.  Scorebooks will be distributed, rule changes will be discussed, and level coordinators will be on site to provide contact information for submitting scores.

Location TBD

Date & Time TBD

  • Bantam A, B1, B2
  • Pee Wee A, B1, B2
  • 15U A & B
  • 12UA, B1, B2

Date and Time TBD

  • Bantam C
  • Pee Wee C
  • All Squirts
  • All 10U

Date and Time TBD

  • Mite and 8U