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Information to MYHA New Parents!

Welcome to the Mahtomedi Youth Hockey Association (MYHA)

MYHA is an all volunteer, community-based hockey association operating under the USA hockey ( and Minnesota Hockey ( organizations. MYHA is run by volunteer board members and coaches. It is supported through volunteer time, registration fees, donations, sponsorships, and through revenue generated at its hockey tournaments.

The mission of the Mahtomedi Youth Hockey Association is to design programs aimed at creating a fun, fair & safe hockey environment which increases participation and improves skills, while developing respect for others, self-confidence and teamwork in our student athletes.

Hockey is a fun, fast, dynamic game that is both exciting to watch and play. Hockey occupies a special place among the sports in Minnesota. It has a long and rich history and Minnesota has the most competitive and highest participation levels of any youth hockey in the country. Playing hockey in Minnesota means you can play hockey anywhere. Hockey can also be a lifelong sport. Many hockey players that came up through Minnesota youth hockey still play in pick-up games and leagues as adults. We hope that you fall in love with hockey as we have.

MYHA is a community-based program available to all people within the Mahtomedi school district. MYHA is proud to have excellent numbers in both our girl’s and boy’s programs. We are committed to providing the best hockey experience for the players and their parents as they venture into the exciting, encouraging, and fulfilling world of youth hockey. Choosing to play community-based hockey benefits your player AND your community.

Level Breakdown

MYHA players are organized into levels based upon age in accordance with USA/Minnesota Hockey rules. The birthday cut-off for hockey is June 1st. Thus, the player’s age on May 31st of the year they sign-up determines what level they play at. The age breakdown for the levels are:

Boys Age on May 31 Girls Age on May 31
Junior Gold: 15-18    
Bantam: 13 or 14 15U: 13-15
Peewee: 11 or 12 12U:

11 or 12

Squirt: 9 or 10 10U: 9 or 10
Mite 2-3: 7 or 8 8U: 7 or 8
Mite 1: 6 6U: 6
Mini Mite: 4 or 5 5U:

4 or 5

Intro to Hockey: Beginner girls or boys age 4-7 looking for skating fundamentals and an introduction to hockey


Hockey Season

Hockey season runs from late October through late February. For traveling levels, tryouts occur in October and playoffs can run into March. Registration typically opens in July and closes in August for traveling (4th grade and above) and in September for younger levels. Check the Registration tab for current registration dates.

Thank You

To make the most of your role as a hockey parent, Minnesota Hockey has put together a nice webpage to provide you with alot of information about youth hockey -- about the game, the rules, the equipment, the terms, etc..., as well as helpful information on budgeting and expectations.

If you are a new parent to youth hockey (EVEN if you were a former player yourself!), please take a few minutes to look at this informative and useful site.

Here's the link: Minnesota Hockey Resources for New Hockey Parents.

Thank you for checking out Mahtomedi Youth Hockey. We look forward to seeing you around the rink!

MYHA Board